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How To Hold Your Head In The Correct Position When Lifting Weights
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Muscles Not Growing? Try This Old School 3-Step Approach To Stimulate Those Stubborn Body Parts
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What To Take And Wear To Gym: Your Ultimate Guide For Getting Ready For Your First Workout
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Training your Legs: Why Leg Workouts Are So Painful But Necessary
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Getting And Staying Motivated: How To Not Give Up, And Stay Committed & Inspired To Keep Working Out
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The Best Rep Range For Muscle Growth: Shedding Light On A Controversial Subject
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Working Out From Home: Getting Your Exercise Done When You Cannot Make It To The Gym
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How To Structure Your Eating Plan On Training Day: The Perfect Companion For Your First Workout
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Your First Workout Plan: The Best Starter Weight Training Program For Men And Women
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Anxiety And Exercise: How Exercise Can Help Reduce The Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression
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What Does It All Mean? An Introduction To Exercise And Nutrition Terminology
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Cardio Vs Resistance Training: Which Is Best For Getting Into Shape?
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Are You Ready To Get Into Shape? – Answer These 5 Questions To Find Out
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Nutrition and Exercise: Eating The Right Food To Stay Fit And In Shape
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Choosing Your First Workout Program To Start Getting Your Body In Shape
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Your Body Type And Metabolism – How it influence the way you train and eat
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Are These “Stumbling Blocks” Holding You Back From Attaining The Body You Always Wanted? – Myths, Misconceptions And Flat Out Lies
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Getting Fit And In Shape After 40 – My Story, Living Proof
Not only is it possible to get in shape, but easier than you think. The principles described in the following[...]

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