So who am I and why am I so passionate about AgeslessInShape?

Hi, my name is Wessel Wessels.

From gym fanatic to battling and surviving cancer, back to  half-hearted gym enthusiast, then back to battling and surviving a 2 year stint with cancer. Now living life to the full with priorities straightened out and a life long dedication to staying in shape.

I am committed to helping you get in shape and be a better version of yourself. From just improving on the person you saw in the mirror yesterday, to getting serious about building and shaping the body you always wanted, I am constantly striving to help you reach your goal. 

But getting and staying in shape is a lifestyle, not just a goal. And no, its not a punishment. 

​Through my articles on my Blog Page, helping you find your way in the Recommended Gear Section or just simply answering your questions, I strive to show and help you cultivate this highly fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. 

It does not need to consume or interfere from your daily life. It just adds to your quality of life and help you enjoy and make all other aspects of your life that much more fulfilling. Trust me, I learned  this over 30 years and through some really hard life lessons.

You can read my full story here:

Before continuing, I think its very important that you answer the question below for yourself ...

Which of the following best describes your current situation?

  • You always wanted to be in better shape, but everything you tried ended in failure, you just gave up.
  • Even though you used to be in great shape, with more work and family responsibilities, you simply don't have the time anymore.
  • You were just born this way, too skinny or overweight, and told to just be "comfortable in my own skin". (Even though you are deeply unhappy.)
  • The sheer amount of (sometimes contradicting) information you are constantly bombarded with, is simply overwhelming. Magazines and on social media are constantly promoting the next new and big next thing. You just get started with a new regime or diet, and the next article you read, promotes the exact opposite you that you are doing. The net result. You simply give up!
  • Spending hours in the gym and constantly starving yourself, are just too demanding.

Guess what?  You are not alone!

You should be able to identify with at least one or more of the above mentioned scenarios. (I can identify with at least two myself.) This means, you are definitely not alone, whatever the reason or situation you find yourself in.

Let us get some perspective: Approximately 89% of American women are unhappy with their weight and 90% of teenagers are unhappy with their body . According to medicaldaily.com, 54% of women are unhappy with their bodies, and related studies show that up to 45% of men also admitted to being unhappy with theirs. And these are just women and men who openly admits their unhappiness. This is just scratching the surface. 

I know it is hard to believe, but you can change it, and it is not as hard and complex as you may think its is. The mainstream health and fitness industry makes it look a lot more complex, and worsens it by constantly overwhelming you with a mountain of information. And that is not your fault!

My Goal

This where AgelessInShape comes in. I am committed to helping you be a better version of yourself. From just improving on the person you saw in the mirror yesterday, to getting serious about building and shaping the body you always wanted.

Cutting through all the misconceptions, complexities and the sheer volume of misinformation created by the mainstream and social media, my aim is to make things as simple and practical as possible for you. The goal is not just to help and motivate you to get get in shape, but encourage you to turn it into a lifestyle. And yes, it takes work and consistency, but it is NOT as hard as you think

I truly know and believe this is a goal you CAN achieve

So where to from here? Some suggestions.

     Get  Started  Immediately     

Everything you need to get started is right here. This is the exact exercise and nutrition regime I started using in 2012. It formed part of my recovery programme, which got me back into shape in record time. 

It worked so well, I am still using it today as the basis of my training and diet regime. Not only did I get my body and energy back, I  shaved hours of time wasted in the gym every week.

Aimed at both women and men of ALL ages, I truly believe it will surpass your expectations. It doesn't matter whether you want to get or just stay in shape, it caters for almost every possible goal.

Go and have a look at the free article, followed by the actual comprehensive programme, and see if this is for you. I personally consider this to be one of the best ways to get started. 

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Dispensing popular misconceptions, as well as addressing controversial topics will definitely form part of the conversation.

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